Monday, October 31, 2011

Chester County Fiction

The Philly Fiction series has shown how Philadelphia is blessed with talented writers and interesting stories, but the blessings don't end at the city's borders. Last month, start-up publishing company Oermead Press released an edited compilation of sixteen short stories by authors who live and work in suburban Chester County. According to the publicity text, Chester County Fiction "includes stories about people in transition, struggling to find their place and peace in the community they live in. They are tales about love and loss, violence and heartbreak. The collection features brand new stories by: Virginia Beards, Jim Breslin, Robb Cadigan, Wayne Anthony Conaway, Peter Cunniffe, Michael Dolan, Ronald D. Giles, Terry Heyman, Joan Hill, Nicole Valentine, Jacob Asher Michael, Eli Silberman and Christine Yurick."

Oermead press is headed by writer and editor Jim Breslin, author of Elephant: Short Stories and Flash Fiction. Thanks to Jim and the other editors for bringing out more of the region's great short story offerings. They've even made a cool video about it, check it out:


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Help a Philly Fiction author travel to Africa to finish his novel

David Sanders's story "Nothing Matters" was one of the highlights of the first Philly Fiction collection, a thoughtful piece with blended internal insights with big-picture thoughts. David is working on novel, Busara Road, which draws upon his experiences growing up on a Quaker mission in Kenya in the years after that country's independence (that's him at right in his days on the mission). He's finished a rough first draft, but to flesh it out he's travelling to Kenya next month as part of his research for the book. David has set up an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund this trip. With twenty-odd day remaining he's still a few hundred dollars short of his goal. Consider giving today. Head to the campaign page or his Busara Road blog for more information. Any amount is appreciated, but for $1,000 he'll even name a character in the book after you!

Best of luck to David on his trip; we look forward to reading the novel.

Watch a video about the project: