Monday, May 23, 2011

Read Benjamin Matvey's "Piece of Mind" on Fictionaut

The story "Piece of Mind," a version of which appeared in Philly Fiction 2, is one of the top reads of the year at online community magazine Fictionaut. In Benjamin Matvey's touching and intriguing piece, set in Philly's Mutter Museum, two brilliantly dysfunctional young people are wondering that age-old question, "Is (s)he thinking what I'm thinking?" A couple people told us it was their favorite piece in the collection (but, then, we heard that about quite a number of the stories... Philly Fiction rocks!). We've had the privilege of reading some of Matvey's other fiction, and it's uniformly excellent. He recently finished his first novel; it is much anticipated. Check out "Piece of Mind." You'll like it.

Calling itself "a literary community for adventurous readers and writers," Fictionaut is an invite-only social media site for fiction authors. Reader responses make this a self-selecting magazine "highlighting the most exciting short stories, poetry, flash fiction, and novel excerpts".

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