Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Anthology examines the state of arts and arts education

For months, New Yorker Edward P. Clapp traveled to and from Philadelphia to visit a girlfriend. The relationship ended, but he mined that experience to great effect in his story "Shanghai Ship to Love," published in the first Philly Fiction anthology. He's since moved on Massachusetts, where he completed a Ed.D. at Harvard University in Educational Policy Leadership and Institutional Practice.

Blending his writing and studies, Clapp has compiled, edited, and written an introduction to an anthology of critical discourse that addresses the impending generational shift in arts leadership. 20UNDER40: Re-Inventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century contains twenty essays about the future of the arts and arts education, written by young and emerging arts professionals under the age of forty. In a time of education cuts, the anthology brings the voices of young arts leaders out of the margins and into the forefront of our cultural dialogue. Find out more at 20under40.org.

“If Philadelphia had a soundtrack it wasn’t a Smiths song. There were no double-decker buses, no lights that never went out. Philadelphia was one long violent film in a foreign language with subtitles that didn’t make sense — and the hum of the bus, the thump and thud of that noxious: thud thud
....thud-thud thud-thud
....That was my lullaby, all twelve dollars worth — rock-shaking me to sleep.”
—Edward P. Clapp, “The Shanghai Ship to Love”