Monday, September 14, 2009

"Baby Blue" featured on UPenn alumni website

The story “Baby Blue” by John Carroll from Philly Fiction 2 was featured on UPenn’s (I think unofficial) alumni website, Dueling Tampons. John graduated from Philly’s Ivy in ’05 and worked at the university’s Kelly Writer’s House before going to pursue an MFA at American University. His story in Philly Fiction 2, “Baby Blue,” takes place in the bars of Northeast Philadelphia, on the SEPTA orange and blue lines, and at a Phillies game. The main character, Phil bumps into his old high school American lit teacher during an Eagles game. The teacher begins to force a bond between them over sports, and despite Phil's wariness, they take an uncomfortable trip to see the Phillies.

Read an excerpt of John’s story on the Penn blog, then go to to purchase the acclaimed anthology.

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