Friday, July 31, 2009

LOVE Park by Jim Zervanos

Don Ron Books has been very fortunate to publish 36 talented writers in the two Philly Fiction anthologies. A number of our authors are also out on the marketplace with published novels or short story collections of their own. Elise Juska, who contributed great stories to both Philly Fiction ("The Stoop-Sitters) and Philly Fiction 2 ("Northeast Philly Girls"), has several critically acclaimed novels. Beth Goldner, who wrote the closing piece of PF2, wrote a great novel set in Philadelphia and also has a short story collection out. Among other Philly Fiction authors Phyllis Carol Agins (“Black and White,” PF1) has published several post-modern reimaginings of fairy tales, Michael Aronowitz (“The Big Picture,” PF1) has released two collections of fireside tales, and Sandra Novack (“Memphis,” PF2) recently had a novel published by Random House.

Jim Zervanos is the newest Philly Fiction alum to gain independent critical success as a novelist. His story “Georgie” in the first Philly Fiction is a great tale about a Greek-American lawyer torn between his parent-approved “nice Greek girlfriend” and his attractive and fun blond bartender mistress. Jim’s first novel, LOVE Park (Cable Publishing, 2009), is also from the point of view of a young Greek-American whose parents would like him to find a nice Greek girl. The novel brilliantly portrays a Greek-American family living just outside Philadelphia, adeptly exploring their inner dynamics and family secrets. Philadelphia plays a major role as the backdrop to the story as Jim brings to life its streets and public art (this reader learned one or two things about the city from this book, adding to an already considerable trivial knowledge). Highly recommended to anyone who enjoyed “Georgie,” and to any fans of Philly Fiction in general.

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